Volunteer Positions Available!

Roles of volunteers

Hugger at pride – come out to various prides/activities as a hugger


  • Attend pride and hug 

Time commitment 

  • Attend event/activity/pride approximately 4hr each pride/activity 


  • Must read volunteer package 
  • provided day of event 

Event Volunteer: Attend event/activity/pride  

Duties may include:

  • Set up booth
  • Tear down of booth
  • Staff bracelet making table – help children make bracelets
  • Take turn staffing booth – provide hugs, information about group, common messaging

Time commitment 

  • set up crew will arrive 1hr before pride to set up
  • Approximately 4hr time commitment each pride 


  • Must read volunteer package 
  • Volunteer coordinator will provide overview of role and answer questions 
  • On site training 

Committee Member – several committees you may choose from such as fundraising


  • Goal of elevating budget to guarantee the economic sustainability of Free Mom Hugs
  • Attend regular meetings approximately 1x per month
  • Help plan and organize fundraising activities 

 Time Commitment

  • 1x per month approximate time commitment 2hr -4hr per month

Training:  Organized as needed

Executive Member:


  • Give input on issues concerning development of Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario
  • Provide insight related to budget, marketing, events etc. 
  • Prioritizing steps and goals needed to realize a project or undertaking
  • Help develop procedures relevant to operation of Free Mom Hugs Southern Ontario
  • Offer advice on projects/activities

Time Commitment: 

  • Attend executive member meetings 1x per month 2hr
  • Additional 4hr of committee work per month
  • Must be able to attend events/activities as organized